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re: Sorc Build


Hi guys, just posting the sorc build im using. Use it, tweak it, throw it away :b

If you have any feedback, please provide :) 


This build rely on critical surge, and a high crit chance for selfheal and greater survivability.


First bar: AoE

Spell Symmetry (Equilibrium morph, mageguild) - Use this to gain magica. However, only use it at high HP, since you wont be able to benefit fully from self heal for 4 seconds. 

Elemental Ring (Impulse morph) - Bomb the shit out of them with resto staff. 

Inner light (magelight morhp) - Always toggled, gives 20% extra crit change.

Critical Surge (Surge morhp): Increases weapon dmg and heals you 65% of all critical dmg. allways on, as it increases the damage of Elemtal Ring, and heals you.

Lightning Flood (Lightning Splash morhp) :  increased radius for more possible target hits. Deals high dmg if ally uses synergy. 

Ultimate Absortion Field (Negate Magic Ultimate)



Innerlight toggled, Critical surge, Ligtning flood, Elemental ring x 2, Lightning Flood, (spell symemetry if needed ~ 50-60% magica left) , and start over. Only use Critical surge every 20 seconds. 


Second bar: Single target dmg.

Crushing Shock (Force Shock) has an extra 10% crit change. Extra crit chance means extra chance for sweet self heal. 

Crystal Fragment (Crystal Shard) 35% chance, when casting a magica spell, that this will instant cast and have a 50% reduced magica cost within 6 seconds. Only use when this happens. 

Inner light: allways on.

Critical Surge - Same deal as above

Endless Fury (Mage's Fury) Finisher. Deals high dmg when attacking target below 20%. Restores magica on killing blow.

ultimate Energy overload (Overload) increases light + heavy attack dmg and restores magica on hits.



Innerlight toggled, Critical surge, Crushing shock + light attack within a second on spam, crystal fragment whenever cost is reduced and instant cast, switch to AoE bar for spell symmetry or use Energy overload if possible for magica recovery. (HINT: Energy overload gives a freaking third weapon bar, since you toss away your weapon and use your hands. Thats right, a third bar! )


feel free to change it up or give constructive criticism ^^


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